Social Media and Marketing

Description Platinum 3 Channel Management
Choose from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn 1 post daily for a month. BONUS
Action Plan Included
Schedule Posts Included
Page/Channel Evaluation Included
Management Duration (days) 30
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Community management

In all of the social networks, there are strategies to publish for free and to publish paid posts. A good combination of these can give many visits to your website. This is where you have to analyze the following questions:

How to segment new prospects and real clients?
How to make those visits call me or send me a message to ask for more information?

Having a Social Media strategy synchronized with your website contents and your sales team is vital.

All Social Networks strategy starts with an objective. We do not sell likes, we generate real prospects that result in sales.

If you are interested in generating more visits to your page, more and better prospects, more clients and higher income, we have integral solutions. We are an online marketing agency specialized in the strategic management of Social Networks.  Contact us or drop a note into the chat to get a perfect quotation.


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